subota, 24. kolovoza 2013.


Some of you may know that I used to run another fashion blog for three years before I decided to close it. There were many reasons behind that decision.I have been finding the world of fashion blogging incredibly superficial. Even the bloggers who I've liked have started to sell out with their corporate sponsorships, free gifts and a lack of intelligent writing in order to appeal to a larger public. Worst of all I felt like I was falling into that trap myself. Call it naive but I always thought that bloggers ought to be some kind of opposition to the fake world of fashion magazines and that they should represent real, flawed  people to whom you can relate to. Obviously, I was wrong.People seemed to gravitate towards blogs with magazine like images of girls who look like models and wear gifted designer stuff most of us can not afford (khm.. Chiara ). That does not bother me as much as the fact that the success of these kind of bloggers is solely based on their looks, rich parents and connections in the fashion world. Most of them are not able to write an insightful comment about anything fashion. All the written content can be summed up to : I went to xx today, wearing my new xx from xx along with the (oh so inevitable) praises to their sponsors. Then, on the other hand, we have girls who desperately try to imitate that with buying fake versions of the designer stuff their idols wear and starting up blogs for the sake of being called „a fashion blogger“ as if that is something that will instantly make you cool and important. EVERYONE can have a fashion blog and as a matter of fact almost 2.5 million people do (believe it or not) but what is the thing that makes a blog worth visiting ? I believe that depends on what you are looking for in a fashion blog. The break I took from blogging really helped me to stand back and look at all this circus of fashion blogging from a different viewpoint, so here are some guidelines to what you can expect from this blog in the  future:

-I do not promise regular posting because I do not see my blog as a means of getting something or somewhere and because of a simple fact that I actually do have a life beside this, but what I do promise is to do my best to give you an interesting content worth your visit. Besides outfit posts I intend to write about the state of fashion blogging and fashion in general whenever I have the need to express my opinion. If you are one of those people who would like to stick to the illusion that fashion is a harmless fun thing then I advise you to skip this blog. 

-I do not care for the superficial „You look wonderful „type of comments. I do not need an ego boosters.  „Follow me I will follow you back“ is even more pathetic, if you have nothing interesting to say (that will actually make me want to find your blog) do not bother leaving comments . I would rather have ten honest readers than a thousand of those shameless self-promoters who are just trying to bring traffic to their (own attempts at) blogs.

-I am not interested in collaborating with shops based in China who sell stuff I buy on e-bay at a fraction of the price so don't expect tons of sponsored giveaways .I am not here for the cheap presents. Everything I wear I buy with my own money. If I do accept a collaboration it is because I really believe the brand/shop to be worth promoting.   

The photos that I made with my blog's crew represent the aesthetics that I grew fond of lately and are mainly a counteraction to the piling of trends and above discussed occurrences, so if you share some of the ideas and are ready to spare some time in actually reading my future posts and not just going through photos I would love to have you here.    

 Huge thanks to: Irma Ibric for the design of the blog, Nikola for the photography, Vladan for support and Alen for the  behind the scene video.