ponedjeljak, 9. rujna 2013.

Life through instagram

In only one year of my instagram existence I grew completely addicted to it , even to the point that if I had to choose only one social platform to exist on it would be an easy choice ( I use exist because we all know that one does not exist if one does not have internet presence of any sort). My instagram account is private which is probably not the best choice if you are a fashion blogger . I find the fact that everyone can see all your photos more disturbing than the small number of followers. It is a real pity that you can not set privacy settings for every upload separately cause that would make it just perfect. Anyway,  here are  some of the photos that I do not mind sharing with everyone.  I barely managed to sort more than 100 photos I have posted there in these 3 collages ( while trying to do it thematically).

         I mostly instagram my travels since I am a huge travel junkie :
                                                             photos 1, 2 : Munich ,
                                                                         3: Belgrade
                                                                         4,5,6:  beauties of Bosnia: 
                                                                         4: Bijeljina ethno village 
                                                                         5: Bijambare cave complex
                                                                         6: view from the top of Jahorina mountain 
                                                                         7: Brussels  
                                                                         8: Istanbul 
                                                                         9: Bosphorus cruise

        Beside being a travel junkie I am a shopping junkie as well :( but with a hope to stop.
                                                                     1. thrifted labels 
                                                                     3,4,5 : make up addiction fueled  
                                                                     6 : purchases from Asos                             
                                                                     7: All Saints Pither heels 
                                                                     8: Cevahir shopping centre in Istanbul

                                                                  1: selfie (self explanatory )
                                                                 2,3 : Behind the scene of shootings for the blog
                                                                 4,5 : graffiti in Sarajevo and Belgrade
                                                                 6. last Cro a Porter which I was lucky to attend 
                                                                 7. The God Delusion is my holy book
                                                                 8. Miljenko Jergovic
                                                                 9. Vogue September issues 

             Who are your favorite people to follow on instagram, any good recommendations ? 

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  1. Gledala, gledala, ugledala Dokinsa. *-* Jergovic takodje odlican.

  2. Ja te tamo svakako pratim :*

  3. Divne putničke fotke..mozaik lutanja :) a knjiga i čaj, najbolja kombinacija :)