subota, 26. listopada 2013.

Own less. Live more.

One of the best decisions I made in the past year was to simplify my wardrobe. As someone who loves fashion I always thought that the more clothes I have the easier it will be to get dressed. The truth is that it only got more stressful. My clothes took over my room; piles everywhere, closets bursting and I still felt like I've got nothing to wear. Owning more than 40 pairs of heels (and I wear heels once a month maybe ) was ridiculous. It was clear to me that the clean out had to be brutal. I am currently getting rid of more than 50% of my closet and let me tell you... it feels great. Having a wardrobe of only pieces that fit perfectly , that are easy to match and that I love to wear feels liberating. All I have to do now is work on changing my shopping habits so I don't end up with more unnecessary crap after the winter sales. My self-discipline will be put to test in a few days since I am traveling to Vienna ( which is one of my favorite towns to shop) but I promised myself that I will stick to the quality over quantity rule when it comes to all of my future purchases. 

This outfit is made entirely of items that are staples in my closet. Someone suggested that I should write what I am wearing but I am not sure how useful will that be since the majority of my clothes are vintage & thrifted pieces or something I buy on my travels but here it is anyway : Zara organic cotton top (two or three years old + DIY cropped), vintage Escada leather shorts, thrifted denim shirt, cotton shopper was a gift, my sneakers are old Vans model that I bought in a shop called Episode in Amsterdam and I never go anywhere without my vintage Casio watch. 

 P.S Some extra shots on my tumblr and huge thanks to Nikola for the photos.

subota, 12. listopada 2013.

Fashion pet peevs

Yesterday I stumbled upon an article on how to be a successful fashion blogger (successful  here meaning world-wide known with heaps of free shit and invitations to events ) because personal satisfaction alone does not count as success, obviously. Anyhow, one of the first advice given (along with the be original crap) was to keep your text (if you have any at all) short and overall positive. Now, there are people who can say a lot in a few sentences , there are people who have nothing to say and there are people who have something to say but are afraid of saying it or smart enough not to say it (under their own name at least). Since I can afford to be stupid here I'ma  just go and say some things from time to time,  just write a long-ass text with all my pet peeves when it comes to fashion and blogging. Label it as immature , arrogant and whatnot because, after all , we are all perfectly sane and happy people who never get annoyed, right? So, here is my pet peeve of the week : the grunge trend . Do not get me wrong here I love everything about grunge as I grew up listening to that kind of music but what I hate is fucking raping of the grunge by people who are an example of everything that is opposite to grunge. My general rule is : skip everything you don't feel is YOU and yes, even if you are a fashion blogger, you are allowed to skip a trend. Apparently, the formula of an outfit on trend these days is a plaid shirt preferably tied around the waist and paired with a leather biker jacket. If I got a penny for every time I saw an outfit like that (online or on the street) I would probably now be somewhere exotic not giving a fuck about what someone else wears. Maybe I am overthinking this but  basically , I  had two options here : 1. Stop wearing anything reminiscent of every high street brand window set-up and wait till the next trend comes along so that everyone can heedlessly flock to that or 2.  Wear it in my own interpretation . Ok... I am definitely overthinking it. I blame PMS. For the fact that the intro of my post has almost nothing to do with the end and for the abuse of brackets , I also blame PMS. 

                                       Huge thanks to my friend Nikola for taking these photos.