nedjelja, 17. studenoga 2013.

Autumn Tranquility

When I decided to open this new blog I seemed to have forgotten how much time a blog requires, but since I have no sponsors pressure or any other for that matter ( except an obligation to my readers ) I try not to stress about not posting. Traveling is always a good excuse and I had a great time on my trip to Vienna. I could not be bothered to take outfit or blog photos there but I admit that the Vienna background would be a nice change from all the abandoned and ruined places where I usually take my photos. I prefer this kind of places since they are usually quiet and without unwanted spectators.  Luckily ( or unfortunately ? ) we are not short of those kind of places in Bosnia. My friend Nikola took these photos of me on one of those rainy days we had last week. I hope you like them.  

 I am wearing : thrifted sweater and dress ( the denim thing underneath) , Cheap Monday + DIY jeans, and boots I bought in Antwerpen. More photos soon on my Tumblr .