nedjelja, 19. siječnja 2014.

YSL makeup look & product review

 In collaboration with Fashion. Beauty. Love  (where I work as a contributor) I made a little editorial and a review of my favorite YSL makeup products . I really like how it turned out so I decided to share it here as well . I created a timeless and classic look as a reflection of everything that YSL as a brand is to me.

 I have been really obsessed  with highlighters lately and I must say I tried a bunch of them so I can say with certainty that YSL Dare to Glow ones are the top of the game.  They have a really light texture that blends perfectly with your skin but what I love the most is the fact that you can use them in multiple ways. I used mine even as an eyeshadow base in this look. They come in three shades so that everyone can enjoy them regardless of the skin tone. As you can see in the swatch I made mine has a golden reflection and I can't wait to use it in summer when my skin gets a bit darker. The other YSL favorites are the Rouge pur Couture The Mats lipsticks because I absolutely adore mat lipsticks especially if I want to wear a bold shade like Rouge Rock. Long wearing and extremely pigmented. I am out for all three shades. 

The rest of the makeup includes : YSL teint compact foundation, Mac Pink Swoon blush , Half Baked eyeshadow from NAKED2 pallete and the YSL La Laque Couture in shade 21 Taupe Retro.
Photography credit : Vladan Gavric

subota, 11. siječnja 2014.

 I am really lazy when it comes to making outfit posts. It may be, partially, caused by the fact that I am not able to pose properly even after doing this blogging thing for 4 years now. You may not believe me but sometimes I feel rather stupid doing this. While creating this post I realized that there are two types of photos that are the most common ones here: 1. a photo of me staring at the ground ( usually thinking to myself "why the hell did I forgot to clean my shoes?" ) 2. looking somewhere aside because I have very sensitive eyes and can not possibly make a proper photo, in the sun, with my eyes open ..and I sure as hell look better from profile.. so there is that as well. The other headache with taking outfit photos is choosing the location. Can we please take a moment now to address taking photos in know.. with other people around ? That's a fail guarantee to me. But secluded locations like this one can be a problem as well.. jumping a few fences, trespassing... the usual stuff. I know you have already seen this one and lets be honest.. you'll probably see it again but I promise to change it up a bit. Maybe I should try drinking a few shots before taking photos? What do you suggest ? Do you find it as hard ?

 I am wearing : Zara jacket , second-hand men's button down, Gina Tricot jeans , vintage Louis Vuitton Epi bag and a raw crystal necklace that I bought in Istanbul.