ponedjeljak, 31. ožujka 2014.

 This beautiful weather inspired me to wear lighter colors than my usual blacks and grays so I started digging a bit deeper through my closet and found this vintage Escada cashmere coat. It had long sleeves and all that 80ties puff. The first second I put it on I remembered why It was forgotten. It looked like I am wearing a two sizes bigger bathrobe. But I was not ready to give it up just yet. I usually never dare cutting designer pieces but with this one I had to risk it. Fortunately, I did not end up ruining it and I quite like the way it has turned out. It makes a great transitional weather piece so you'll probably see it soon in some different combo .

petak, 7. ožujka 2014.

A few instagram snaps just to buy me some time until I get settled in my new place. Moving out is the main reason I have not had the time to post last month but beside that I have been working on my beauty blog! As you may have noticed makeup and skincare are a big passion of mine so I decided to move all my beauty related posts there.  Check out my first post.

                                       photos 1&2 : from my Vienna trip
                                                        3: I love my cassette phonecase
                                                        4: YSL beauties I reviewed  here 
                                                        5: makeup of the day
                                                        6: my bed
                                                        7: good hair days have to be documented
                                                        8: beautiful illustrations by Azra Kostic
                                                        9: the view from my new home
                                                        Check out my previous instagram post here.